Meet Zen online casino guide


The long-awaited ZEN casino guide is soon to become available to all gamblers of the world!

Who are we? – The exclusive casino testing service with exhaustive info on gambling providers, ratings, reviews, and our own free online slots and numerous of other games you can play for free right on the website.

What do we have here? – All the best selected and tested online casinos gathered in one place and rated for your convenience.

What’s in it for you? – Freedom to rely on us, knowing that no matter what casino you choose, it is always a reliable gambling website that pays out real money.

More about ZEN

Reviews of the top-rated online casinos, best games for free and tips and guides on how to play – all that you are about to find here soon. Think of Online Casino ZEN as an online casino encyclopaedia with everything you ever gonna need to know about casinos online.   

The main aim behind this project of ours is to protect players like ourselves from unreliable gambling providers. We’ve seen cases of rogue casinos ripping gamblers off, not paying out their winnings, freezing accounts, staging tech issues… The creativity is endless when it comes to not allowing you cash out your money.

We hate that attitude and, we bet, you do too. ZEN guide is your shield against such casinos. And we are about to present you with ratings of only respectable casino websites in order for you not to get close to ‘bad guys’. Not only we give you rates, numbers, and percentages but also actual proofs of why we think this casino is ok or not ok.  

If you are a newbie at gambling you are free to play any game you want with no deposit and no registration. We have all casino games and slots that casinos for real money have, yet, once again, you don’t have to risk with your money.

If you are an old-timer of online gambling, you can still find lots useful stuff here. Our rating will be updated every month, which means you will always be in the loop: which casinos are performing great, which are worse, and which, maybe, failed their players? You will always know the first-hand truth, since we, as gamblers, are among the first to find out the news.

About rating

If you are curious about the criteria that help us identify the best online casinos and filter out rubbish, we are glad to share them with you. You can use this checklist to test any casino you want by yourself. Just check a website for each of these items, one by one:

ZEN casino rating is a long and complicated process. In a nutshell, we do three main things:

1 – gather the list of as many casinos online as we can find and select the good ones

2 – filter away casinos that don’t meet our requirements

3 – test the best candidates with real money and rate them

You can have your chosen casino undergo this same check procedure, starting with checking a website for all crucial details and ending with depositing money and testing it for real. But why waste time if someone has already done that? Plus, you won’t get a refund if your casino turns out not as reliable as you thought it would be.

As you see, testing and rating processes are simple to describe but not easy to perform. Meanwhile, our team of freelance and in-house experts are doing their best to deliver our final ratings with scores, bonus info, payout rates, reviews, and more right at your fingertips very very soon.


We at Online Casino ZEN know online casinos as no one else. And we decided to share this useful knowledge in our ZEN online casino guide with everyone who might need it.

Therefore, you can fully rely on our experts to point you at a casino that you won’t be disappointed with. We are a team of gamblers and when we talk casino – we know what we are talking about. And this is a bulletproof guarantee – we won’t risk our reputation by recommending you rogue casinos, why would we?

The project is still under development and we are awaiting to have it on with a great impatience. Yet, we take our time to do the testing of other casinos and that of our own games. Our expert team does everything possible to make you feel like having found an A to Z guide on online casino, which we surely will be.   

Be the first to enjoy gambling with 100% safe and secure online casinos, win and cash out real money thanks to ZEN casino.