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If you would want to try the waters of gambling, but don’t feel like visiting land based casinos, dive into the world of endless opportunities provided by online casinos on the web! The variety of games at the casino you get is mind blowing, moreover, you can play all casino games for free without depositing any money and even without sign up! Learn the rules and tactics of playing before you bet with real money!

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Are Online Casino Games Better Than Games In Land Based Casinos?

Land based casinos are always depicted as posh, luxurious places where people can enjoy gaming, drinking, socializing, as well as other types of entertainments. In terms of atmosphere, online casinos may seem less attractive. However, in reality, online gambling platforms are much better than offline facilities, and here is why. 

While land based facilities have to take care of numerous aspects, like location, staff, events, security, entertainment, etc., online platforms have much fewer aspects they should bother with. As a matter of fact, a large as well as variable gaming library is the main aspect they can use to attract the players. Therefore, as a result, virtual platforms take the ultimate care to get the most beautiful, the most lucrative, as well as the newest casino software products free on their website only to please you as the user. 

Moreover, it is much easier to update online game on the website rather than a game in actual facility. Virtual gambles in a gambling house can be designed with the most innovative technologies in their sleeve, can leave you speechless with the beauty as well as quality of graphics, will make you addicted to their soundtrack, therefore leave you wanting more of the sound of the win. 

Online resources constantly add new types of titles to their libraries, buy new titles from developers, improve the quality, to eventually allow you to play casino game on the go via your mobile phone, or play casino games online for fun without depositing a single dollar! 

If these reasons are not enough to make you believe that free internet casino games are better than machines in the offline ventures, there is another huge secret you should know. According to the research, virtual platforms, on average, offer bigger bonuses as well as bigger wins that land based venues.

Why Play Free Casino Games?

If you wonder how one can be allowed to play best casino games online for free, well, that’s easy. The majority of really good, reputable as well as respected sites earn enough to allow visitors to play some (or even all) good casino games for free, without depositing. In most cases, you won’t even need to create an account with this website. Check if the game has “Demo Mode” or “Play For Fun” written under the title. If yes, click that button and there you go, you can play this game for fun.  

You are given access to real mechanics of the game. The game gives you virtual money on your demo account, so you can make bets with this money. When you bet, the money is taken from the account, while when you win, you get the win onto this demo account. This is not real money, of course, so you won’t be able to withdraw it. Playing for fun, though, gives you a real feel of how it all works.  

This is the main reason why most sites enable even occasional visitors to play for fun without sending them money. People have the right to know what they buy, if eventually they would decide to register and deposit. In Demo Mode, you can check the mechanics of the game, learn the rules, see if you like the design as well as the music. You can click around to choose the good gambling games you like best. The website does not lose anything allowing you to entertain; if you like the internet casino games so much that you decide to play for real money, this only proves that the software products are good enough. If you will never become real customer but just like to click on pretty pics, why would they ban you from doing so?  

In any case, before you decide to play for real money, it is always better to check out the Demo Mode. We are usually pretty disappointed when another greedy website does not offer Play For Fun.  

Free Games VS Real Money Games 

If you are able to play for fun on this or that website, what you see is what you get. Casino games for fun in Demo Mode do not follow any different rules. They do not make you lose or win more often, as well as do not show you fabricated results. What you see is what you get, so the only main difference is that you do not deposit money, and do not withdraw money after play for fun.  

The benefit of playing for fun is that you do not risk your own money at all. The main rule is that your virtual account is refilled every time you enter the game again, so you will never be short of money for betting to entertain yourself.  

The benefit of playing for real money is that, despite the fact that you risk some of your money, you will really get the money you win, directly on your account, and withdraw it later. This gives even more pleasure as well as excitement when playing, so this is the reason why most people actually play for real money.

There are thousands of different casino online games, but they all can be divided into types of casino items. In order to feel like a pro when entering any virtual resource, plus in order to eventually choose the best casino games to play, you should know more about the types from our list of popular gambling games. 


Download casino games require you to download a piece of software from the gaming website onto your PC or mobile device. In theory, downloaded software works faster as well as smoother than when you simply play online. However, there are several pitfalls. First of all, the gambling website should be super duper secure, but until you are an Internet security expert, you can’t know this for sure. Secondly, even secure websites can be hacked, plus there is always a risk to download gaming software with a virus attached to it by the hackers. Thirdly, c’mon guys, we’re living in the 21st century when there is fast mobile Internet connection almost everywhere (except when you need to google that one crucial thing right now from your phone), so downloading a piece of software onto a device just to gamble sounds ridiculous. But some sites offer it anyways, so you need to know this.  

No Download

No download free casino games to play online are simple - you go to the website, and instantly play for fun, or sign in to play casino games online. No downloading any unsecure stuff, no installing, no crapping up your device’s memory. 

Table Games 

Table games are everything that would be played on the table if we were in land based venue. The point is that the mechanics is a bit different in these gambles, because they were initially created before the Internet was introduced. So to keep the authenticity, they feature all the stuff we would need in offline facility, like table, cards or dice or whatever, while the software also functions as the dealer who regulates the game.  

Live Dealer Games 

This is one of the coolest novelties you as a customer can enjoy at a virtual resource. Just imagine that you can play casino gamble without leaving your house, at any time of the day or night, but you actually interact as well as communicate with a Live Dealer or even other online players (if the rules allow)! Isn’t this mind blowing? You are in a real gaming facility directly in your room! 

For this magic to happen, web platforms partner with special land based facilities that host gaming property like tables for card games or roulettes, plus employ live dealers to assist remote players in the game. If a virtual platform has such a feature, this is a very good sign, while live interaction also promise you a whole new bunch of opportunities. The only drawback is that you cannot play Live Dealer titles for fun. But when you play for real money, make sure you check this feature out!


The majority of online platforms today are compatible with mobile devices, however, there are products that were created specifically with mobile experience in mind. So, you can generally access the instant play products via browser on your phone, or you can download an official app to play specific mobile gaming software. Those designed for mobile apps usually run smoother than browser products.  

Single Player Games

Single player items mean there can be only one player per session in this game. For example, if you play any game of slots, you can be the only person that makes bets in this particular session. If your fellow gambler is also online at the same resource, they cannot play the same slots with you. They can only play alone, simultaneously with you. 

Multiplayer Games

These gambles include several players that have to interact, otherwise, the game is next to impossible. Such are usually traditional table entertainments; the most widespread examples are poker and craps. Playing multiplayer games is more fun with Live Dealer. 

Why To Choose No Download Casino Games

When you enter a virtual gambling house you may find out that you like everything about it, but they want you to download their stuff to enable you to play. In most cases, this is not a good idea, because downloading and installing takes your time and also space in your device’s memory. Even if the website is very decent, more often than not you risk to infect your device with a virus attached to the file, and chances are high that the operators have no idea their software is infected because it was done by hackers. On fraudster sites, the situation is even worse, because the operators can actually be aware of the virus code. In addition, offering downloadable software pieces means that the venue does not bother to update its software to instant play, which is equal to not taking care of their customers. If they do not care about you, why should you care about playing their stuff? 

The Benefits of Instant Play 

Instant play is generally a golden standard of modern online gaming. You enter a site via browser or app, you click on the game and play for fun, or login and play immediately for real money. Your device’s memory does not get stuffed with anything but cookie files (that’s normal and modern regulations demand the website to inform you that they use cookies). So, when you have a choice, choose instant play gaming websites.

Free Games In Regions Where Gambling Is Illegal

There are countries or whole regions where any type of gambling is illegal. Neither locals nor foreigners can make bets and win in the games of chance while on the territory of such country. If you are a passionate gambler, or you like to click on some gambles to kill time, free online casino games are a good option for you. You can stick to your habit without breaking the law, and play gambling games to relieve stress or entertain. 

However, if you travel to the country where gambling is forbidden, it is better to check if you are actually allowed to even enter web gaming sites. If you are in United Arab Emirates, or in China, for example, it is better to avoid virtual gambling houses at all. The laws are very strict there, and your being a foreigner may not help to avoid punishment. So be patient, come back home and enjoy playing for fun or for real money as much as you want.

Why Playing In Demo Mode Helps To Win Real Money

Nobody is born a gambling expert, everyone who is good at playing casino gambles started small and learned all the way down. If you would like to try and play for real money someday, it makes sense to learn the rules first, comprehend the mechanisms of the process, and there is no place better for this learning than a reliable online platform.  

Playing for fun allows to adapt to the mechanics, develop the skills of making bets and using the account money wisely, and generally made advantages of the free casino games. This is especially true for the games of skill, such as cards, where the chance of winning increases due to the skills of the player. Yet, even for games of chance, where everything depends on the random numbers generator, it is better to try them for free first.  

As soon as you get used to all the nuances and aspects thanks to demo mode gaming, your betting will be much more successful when you play for real money. You will know for sure how the rules work, will not get puzzled with the wagering requirements, and this eventually increases the chance to win. This is the way free online casino gambles can help you win real money.  


The Benefits of Playing Games For Real Money

There are two aspects of benefits you get when playing at an online casino for real money. The first aspect is connected to the fact that as soon as you deposit, you become a real customer for the platform, and therefore it treats you a different way than it did when you were just a visitor. As soon as you deposit and start betting, you are likely to get more advanced customer support, you become eligible for bonuses and promotions, you can enter the VIP program and start collecting loyal customer points, etc. So, a reputable website will do everything they can for a person who deposits money to them.  

On the other hand, when you play online casino games for money, you get the chance to make a killing for your bet. Of course there are some risks, but if you follow the rules of responsible gaming, your losses will be equal to what you can spend after visiting a local bar. However, for this money, you have a possibility to make bank, especially if you play progressive jackpots, or poker. The level of excitement and pleasure you get when playing for real money can’t be compared to the level of playing casino games for fun only.  


What Are The Best Online Casino Games?

So many men, so many minds! Every gambler has their own opinion about the best game to play in casino. Some value the games of chance, where everything you have to do is make a bet and spin the wheel. Others prefer progressive jackpots, because this is one of the most promising types of casino entertainments, and you do not have to learn any complicated rules. Others still believe that the games of skill will give you the most predictable and the most stable type of wins that can even be turned into official income with time (look at those professional poker players!).  

You will eventually find your most favourite entertainments on your own. But to give you the rough idea, check out casino games list of the most most popular free casino titles you are likely to spot on almost any website.  


Slots are extremely popular all around the glove due to their comparative simplicity, convenience in rules, small bets, frequent wins, but most of all - due to the jaw dropping variety. There are literally thousands of slots available out there, and more are coming every year. Slots are simple - you make a bet, spin the reels, and if the reels stop showing a certain combination of symbols, you win, or lose this bet. Very easy to play, and the majority of these products are eye candy in terms of design. 


Jackpots are insanely popular among lovers of online and offline casino games, and most jackpots are actually slots. The principle is simple - you make a bet, push a button, and can win a fortune. Most jackpots work by accumulating funds while one player plays during one session on a single machine. However, there are so-called progressive jackpots, and they are totally awesome and mind blowing, because these jackpots accumulate funds for the biggest win during each session played by each player on the same game across platforms where this game is available. This is why progressives are loved so much. 


This is one of the most popular card entertainments in both online and offline gaming ventures due to its comparative simplicity. This is a game of skill, as any other card game, but the learning curve is not that steep, so you will become and experienced player in no time. 


This is one of the oldest tables games, and is insanely popular. Roulette is roughly a game of chance, and is pretty simple to learn and play. It is less fun and less colourful than, say, slots, but if you are generally good at guessing, you may be very lucky when playing roulette. 


Craps are a game of chance, but for more successful playing one has to know the rules well. Craps require the players to make the initial bets, roll the dice, and make consequent bets depending on the numbers. So the initial fortune depends on chance, but overall one can win more in the game with wise strategy. Craps are an old game, but it is still very popular. 


Poker is one of the most complicated card games, and at the same time one of the most promising in terms of wins. To play poker adequately, one has to learn the rules really thoroughly, and also to be able to get the bigger picture of the game overall. The social skills are also crucial when playing poker, because one has to guess what are their co-players real tactics is, at the same time concealing own motifs. If it sounds too complicated - well, it really is. Yet, professional poker players earn millions during tournaments. 

Online Casino Games Software Providers

To really take advantage of online gaming houses, you should be aware of the best and most popular software developers. If you are wondering why in the world you would need this knowledge, well, for example, there are companies that have their own agencies of software quality testing or testing for fair play. While these agencies claim they are a neutral third party, in reality they are a pet organization of a big software developer. Therefore, if a venue that hosts items by this developer is tested for fairness by this agency, perhaps you should think twice before depositing.  

There are hundreds of software developers in the niche; some are local, some are already global. We will list only the most well-known:  

  • Novomatic - this is the oldest company that is currently functional in the niche of online gambling. They started in 1980s as land based venue, and kept improving through the years. Today, Novomatic operates in 70 countries around the globe
  • Microgaming - has been around since 1994, and currently is the leader in the niche. Microgaming is especially known for its top notch quality, top online casino games, and also for its extremely lucrative and famous progressive jackpots.  
  • NetEnt - exists since 1996. The most well-known products are slots  
  • Playtech - also one of the oldest and the most well-known companies in the market. Playtech items are famous for their particularly beautiful design  
  • Realtime Gaming - founded in 1998, and offers amazing realistic easy casino games to play  
  • NYX Gaming - was founded in 2006. This company is also largely focused on slots, but is also known for fine mobile experience  
  • Yggdrasil Gaming - was created in 2013, and the main principle is to provide the highest quality for both players and websites.  
  • Pragmatic Play - founded in 2015, and is focused more on mobile gaming experience  
  • Big Time Gaming - the year of creation is 2011, so the company has long been in the market. One of the outstanding facts is that their products are available in 20 different languages  
  • Evolution Gaming - created in 2006 as a game changer of live dealer games, the company has made a name for itself as the best live dealer games in the market  
  • Betsoft Gaming - has been around since year 1999, and their main focus is interactive and immersive software, although there are not that many titles that they offer. However, the company continues to evolve and improve  

This list is far from full, of course, but if a virtual gaming facility can offer items by at least one of these developers, you can suggest you are in a good company. Of course there are more criteria for defining a worthy web resource than just software developers, but this aspect is among the key ones. If you play crappy software that fake results, no online casino guide will help you to succeed.  


Why Follow Online Guide For Playing Games?

While every game has its own set of rules you need to follow, they rarely include sane strategies, or the basics of tactics. This may not be important for slots, but this makes difference in the gambles of skill. Therefore, if you have an option of checking a casino guide in the first place, do so. You will be explained all the rules in details, will be given tips and some basic strategies, and will have your back covered to a certain extend. 

Online Casino Games Bets

Every game has its own limits for the smallest and the biggest bet allowed. Check out these limits, count how much money you are ready to spend on your entertainment, and you will get the rough idea on the number of bets you can make in this game. Also, check the payouts and estimate how much money you get for the amount you spend, and whether this particular game is even lucrative. A bit of simple counting never hurts anyone.  

Online Casino Games Bonuses

When you register with a new online platform, or make your first deposits, the venture is likely to stimulate you by offering you bonuses. These may be no-deposit ones which means you just have to create an account with the site, or you might need to deposit the money first, to become eligible for the bonus. The bonus is usually cash you get onto the bonus account, and you can use it as soon as you spend all your deposited funds on the main account.  

Some gambles, however, may have bonuses of their own; for example, the website may promote newly purchased titles and everyone choosing those will get a bonus. So check the rules and promotions carefully to take advantage of those.  

Free Spins 

You can also get free spins as bonuses. Free spins can be used in slots (but not jackpots, usually), and they are free because you do not have to bet your money. At the same time, funds you win with free spins stay with you - this is why free spins are also attractive.  

Why Wagering Requirements Matter?

Every bonus has a flip side of the coin, though. When you are granted a bonus (cash on your bonus account), you are given money for free, but if you win using these money, you will withdraw real cash. The casino would be stupid if they just gave out money like that. So before you can withdraw any winnings you get my betting the bonus money, you have to wager the amount of the bonus a certain amount of times.  

So, if you get $10 and the wagering requirement is x10, you have to bet the sum of $10 ten times, and only after that you will be allowed to withdraw. Mind that bonus amounts usually double your first deposit, so you can regulate that sum. Also, keep in mind that currently, a normal wagering requirements is from x35 to x45; everything below is suspicious, everything above is rip-off.  

If you do not accept the bonus, though, there is no wagering requirement applied and you can withdraw what you win whenever you want.  


Responsible Gambling

To get the best gaming experience, it makes sense to follow some reasonable rules of responsible gaming, for example, not to bet more than you can afford, not to play for real money when you are not good at the game yet, or to gamble only for a certain amount of time per day. These simple rules will help you stay cool and focused, and get more pleasure than worry from playing online casino.  

Legal issues are usually associated with particular casinos that do not comply with the modern standards of safety or operation. However, some legal online casino games can be connected to certain legal aspects. This is why you should always read both the game’s rules, and the Terms and Conditions (even though this is a very long and seemingly boring document, it actually holds some of the most important things you need to know as a customer).  

Why Some Online Casino Games Are Restricted For Some Players?

The most frequent legal issue you may face is that some products (for example, all jackpots), or products by certain providers (for example, byt NYX) are not allowed to players from certain regions. This has nothing to do with discrimination of you personally, it is caused by restrictions placed by international laws on the software developers. It is impossible for each and every casino to collaborate with each and every developer, so mind it when you consider playing on a new platform. 

Almost all decent and reputable casinos offer free casino games for fun. Just click on the game to see if it is available in demo mode for an unregistered user, and here you go.

Look for the most reputable and reliable platforms in the niche. Almost every gaming house in the web has slots, but you want a reliable one that won’t fraud or spam you when you find free casino games.

It is better to avoid downloading anything unless this is an official mobile app available in the store. Most websites offer instant play option.

You can check the following casino games to play for free: slots, the majority of table ones (cards and roulettes), specialties like keno or scratch cards, or video poker. Jackpots and Live Dealer options are usually not allowed in free mode.

Slots are the most popular casino games free due to huge variety and beautiful designs.

If you gamble on a reputable and reliable platform, they are usually tested for fair play, and all their games of chance give out result via random numbers generator, meaning the results are totally random. To make sure you are on a fair casino, read some online casino reviews.