Top USA Online Casinos Tested by ZEN


What do perfect online casinos for USA players look like? Are they all about amazing jackpots and bonuses? Or are they just fair and honest with its users? Our answer is – both.

Choosing a worthy option out of many US online casinos isn’t an easy task, considering how hard many online casinos try to impress you with payouts, bonuses, and offers.

We are going to reveal which online casinos for real money are safe and secure to play and which aren’t. Even though our project is still under development, get ready to meet the #1 testing and rating service of USA online casinos coming soon!

While we are still in the process of evaluating the performance of hundreds of casinos online at a time, we want to give you a preliminary idea of what you gonna be looking at here. While the testing consists of many steps, we always begin by choosing the most promising ones out of:

After all the painstaking steps we define the most popular online casinos, and you receive a ready-made list of top online casinos for USA players that is updated every month. Consulting with this rating will spear you from lots of troubles and disappointments.

We at ZEN online casino take our time to probe each gambling provider for honesty and fairness. Not a single drawback can be left hidden from our eyes. And we don’t mind sharing with you some insights on how to choose casino online properly.

Tips and techniques to choose a first-rate online casino USA

As promised, we are going to share our best methods that will come in handy if you’ve decided to test a casino by yourself. We are sure that with our advice by your side you will move in the right direction choosing a casino by yourself.

Tip #1. Trust best online casinos that payout

There’s no sense playing on a fancy website and giving money away to the provider without getting anything in return. And you don’t want that either, right? We always check a casino for the most critical indicator of its performance – the payout rate. This rate is a percentage that shows how much of the total amount of money deposited go back to players. If you can’t find this number on the main page, check the website’s footer for a casino annual report. Usually, this is a downloadable pdf file that contains payout rates section, where you can check the overall payout rate as well as a payout rate for each particular game.

Tip #2. The way free bonuses are presented matters

Online casinos free bonuses are, in fact, never entirely free except for online casinos no deposits. The rest come with wagering requirements in most cases. That is, if you want to cash out your winnings, you gotta wager on a certain sum of money before you are allowed to do that. And, usually, super hot offers aren’t that hot once you take a closer look at them – unrealistic wagering requirements, extra conditions written in small print, etc. You want to avoid that at all costs. For this, you have to know what stands behind the bonuses offered and be selective.

Tip #3. Be careful with new online casinos USA

New casinos are the ones to promise to their players the most they can – all with the aim to get to the top. They may offer you to play free casinos slots online or bonuses with minimum or very low wagering requirements. That’s all great but be careful because very often new casinos overestimate their paying capacity. It doesn’t mean that all new casinos are cheaters – we are just saying you have to be especially cautious when gambling with those.

Tip #4. Check how to deposit and withdraw money right away

Some casinos can write tons about how to deposit money and not a word about withdrawal. Checking on available banking options is the first thing to do. An unreliable gambling provider may offer options that fit only for depositing money. Or, what’s worth, it may have some peculiar withdrawal policies you will find out of right in the time of cashing out money. For none of that to happen, find answers to the three money-related questions: How to deposit and cash out? What are the minimums/limits? What are the cashout times (times you are allowed to cash out money per month)?

Tip #5. Contact online casino support (even if you don’t have questions)

Best rated online casinos have their customer support on the highest level. Always. Things to pay attention to are:

We, as no one else, know how important it is for a casino that deals with money to have a support that is knowledgeable and helpful. If you called a casino support representative, received a pleasurable experience from communication and, most importantly, the exhaustive answers to all your questions – chances are, you’ve come to the right place.

You probably are wondering if that’s all it takes to tell a good gambling provider from a bad one. No way. The criteria we use to select casinos and sort them into a listing from the very best to the 10th best for our rating isn’t a 1-minute read. If you are interested, however, keep up reading to find out.

Criteria we use to rate our casinos

The rating of top online casinos from CasinoZEN is a result of our prolonged work checking, testing, and sorting these casinos for your convenience. An ideal casino, from our point of view, is a casino that supports fair and responsible gaming and is honest with its players. That’s at the very least.

And here’s the full list:

  1. It accepts players from the United States. This includes providing info, games, and CS in your native language; providing enough payment and withdrawal methods that support your national currency; and complying with existing laws and regulations concerning online gambling.  
  2. It has available and responsive customer support. By responsive, we mean that it is not just there, it actually does a great job of assisting customers and solving their problems in a fast and proactive manner.
  3. It advertises itself with seductive yet realistic bonus offers. Bonuses that are both attractive and real is a clear-cut sign of a respectable provider.
  4. It has a spotless reputation. We would not advise you to play online casinos that have been previously involved in shady schemes and online scandals. And we filter such casinos off right away.
  5. It has a great choice of traditional casino online games. Casinos without a decent game choice from reliable soft providers is a waste of money and time. Make sure there is enough entertainment before making any other moves.
  6. It does its due diligence. All licenses, approvals, security badges, and other crucial items are there.
  7. It is available for play from many devices. Cool casinos always offer to download and check their mobile app. If you aren’t an Android or iOS phone user, you can even download a free apk file and install it on any device.
  8. It has a growing player base. A good casino is not an empty casino. If it is a really good place to play, you will definitely read or hear about it from other players.
  9. It has trusted payment options. Payment and withdrawal methods like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill.
  10. It has user-friendly website navigation. Once you are on one of such website, you don’t feel like being in the middle of nowhere. All sections and items are easy to find even though it might be your first time on the site.

And these are the exact features that each of the top ten online casinos from our list have. We give each one a mark as per each criterion and then count the overall number of points for each. After then, sorting them from 1 to 10 does not have any complications at all.

Advanced casino filters  

Since the process of testing and defining what casinos will get into our list is ongoing, we can’t tell you about the casinos, their bonuses, games, and things like that yet. Instead, we came up with a unique way of filtering casinos!

You may say, why do I need filters if I can just pick a casino I want from the list. True, but this way you will have to search manually what software provider a casino is powered by, whether or not it has your payment method, etc. And with our filter, you don’t need to do that anymore – simply state your preferences per one, two, or even all seven criteria and see perfect options selected for you immediately.

1 – Casinos Online From –  and choose the country you reside in. With this filter, you can be sure that all casinos you see accept players from your country.

2 – Powered by –  allows you choosing casinos with games by your favorite software providers.

3- Licensed by – if legal side matters much to you, choose one of the gambling control jurisdictions you’ve heard of or that you know are respectable.

4 – Deposit with – choose payment options that you know work well for you.

5 – Cash out in – pick your currency for easy and safe deposits and withdrawals.

6 – Play on – mobile, laptop, and tablet are the main options.

7 – Speak in– pick a language that will be the most convenient for you.  

Already excited to try it out? We are certain that our advanced filter system is an ultimate solution for all players that search for a perfect casino.

You will see for yourself that best online casino is not just a talk shop with our casino filter at hand.

Come back soon!!!