Review of Online Casino Bonuses


Have read dozens of casino bonus reviews and still unsure how to pick a casino with the best bonuses? Online casino ZEN is here to help you find your way around the latest casino bonuses offered by top casinos online.

In this article, you will find out what types of bonuses exist, how to claim your bonuses, how to use casino bonuses codes, and other useful info you can’t miss. So, let’s dive in!

Popular casino bonuses

Out of numerous bonuses and bonus types, there are those that need no introduction and those that require some explanation. We all know what free spins or free bonus cash are. For now, we will only discuss bonuses that are much debated around on casino blogs and forums.

Deposit Bonus. The bonus you get along with your first second or even third and fourth deposit. Usually, a casino will match your deposit by 100%-200% up to a certain sum. You can really boost your winning chances by wagering on the deposited and bonus money right away.

It is crucial to pay attention to wagering requirements that go with a deposit bonus. The majority of casinos implement those to prevent the so-called bonus hunters from trying to cash out money without previously wagering on them.          

No deposit bonus. No deposit bonus is a perfect start for you to try out a new casino or its mobile app. The best thing about this bonus is that it is a no wagering bonus so you don’t have to worry about anything – just take the money and enjoy the game.

Cashback bonus. Cashback is a real motivation to keep up playing even if you have lost quite some money. With a possibility to get a cashback bonus from a casino, you know your money isn’t gone forever – some percentage of it will come back to you soon.

Reload bonus. The latest casino bonus to find. Is offered by many casinos as an incentive to loyal gamblers. It looks like a welcome bonus from the first glance, with an exception it is given to existing users, not newcomers. And, unlike welcome matched bonus, it matches your deposit by up to 100%.

Reload bonus often looks like an ordinary welcome bonus, however, you must know that it is available on specific hours of specific days. These are special offers that come and go, not waiting for anyone.

All popular bonuses are advertised by casinos here and there. Yet, you have to be cautious since not all providers are ready to fulfill their promises. Very often, they may impose unrealistic wagering requirements, like making you wager on for too much money or too many times. In order to avoid that, read T&Cs carefully or simply choose reliable and safe gambling providers. With Online Casino ZEN rating, you always have a renewable listing of the best providers to play casino games and receive bonuses from. If you still don’t know how to ask for your bonus from an online casino, read all about it in our next section.   

How to claim your bonuses in any casino?

You know that your casino promised you various bonuses once you sign up or make your first deposit. But how does one get them? Here are the three universal steps of claiming any kind of bonus at any casino online:

Step 1 – Meet the major requirements. If it is a No deposit bonus, sign up; if it is a Deposit bonus – deposit money, etc. Should you have any questions about deposit and withdrawal options, you can read about it on our website or contact the support of your casino directly.

Step 2 –  Make sure the payment was successful by checking the status of a transaction. After that, check your inbox for new messages. Open it and click the ‘Claim my bonus’ button.

Step 3 – Check your finances section to find bonus money in playable or cashable money.

Claiming your bonuses is very easy and, usually, online casino navigates you in the process. You can also receive all kinds of bonuses with bonus codes.  

Free casino bonuses codes

It is possible to find bonus codes on a casino website and other websites as well. For example, you can have a no deposit bonus code or free spins code, or any other. You only need to find an active bonus code and insert it into a corresponding field of your casino website. After clicking the ‘Apply’ button, you will see whether the code you have makes you eligible for receiving a bonus or not.

When making plans as to what casino bonuses to receive, once again, consider wagering requirements. Besides, the majority of casinos have a maximum payout, which is the amount of money they cannot exceed paying out to one customer per one time. It means that the amount you can bet on is also limited. Of course, you are allowed to bet on as many games as you like but the company won’t pay you out more than its max payout sum.


We haven’t mentioned some other kinds of bonuses like a loyalty bonus, free play time, free bonus cash, etc. These bonuses aren’t as common and, by all means, not as wanted by gamblers as the ones we discussed.

To sum it up, you need to be aware of 3 key things when dealing with bonuses:

Knowing all about bonuses from inside out will help you to seamlessly find, claim and use bonuses when playing any game you like. Still not playing with bonuses? Not eligible for any bonuses yet? The solution is right here: you can find the latest casino bonuses codes right here, on Online Casino ZEN website.  

Come and get your bonus code absolutely free of charge. You can utilize them at any of recommended casinos by Online Casino ZEN and get your bonus right away. This way, you have a chance to play any game you’ve been dreaming to try out with absolutely zero risks.